Home Basin: Charlotte Share your photos, memories of Charlotte creeks

Welcome to Home Basin: Charlotte, an interactive map for getting acquainted with your ecological address.

An urban creek contains waters emerging from a set of springs, running through yards and parking lots, down storm drains and through culverts; it gains momentum as it gathers raindrops falling from the sky onto city rooftops, and eventually the accumulated waters feed rivers and lakes we use for drinking water. One urban creek often connects a number of disparate neighborhoods in a vital source of life. This connectedness is something we rarely see or identify with. Home Basin: Charlotte / An Interactive Guide to Urban Creeks is intended to help bring these connections to light.

This project was created by artist Lauren Rosenthal for the exhibition KEEPING WATCH on WATER: City of Creeks. Special thanks to Wes L. for web development, and to Mary Newsom and Tenille Todd for their research and content development.

You are invited to explore and participate in creating this map by locating and sharing landmarks in your home basin,  using the submission form below.


Your turn

Share landmarks in your home basin to help us all navigate the waters of Mecklenburg County:

Submissions may include points of environmental interest, particularly with regard to rivers and streams. This might take the form of historical information, scientific data, warnings about run-off, tips for beautiful places to visit, artistic interpretations, and much, much more.

You may also email submissions to: homebasin@gmail.com

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